Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 9 Layered Tortillas, Mushroom Rice, and Buttered Plantains

We cooked for Linda and Kelly tonight.

Home-made chips. Just cut up corn tortillas and salt them and bake them for 30 min.

Layered Tortillas with chicken on top

Carl's Mushroom Rice Dish

Here is the plate with everything.

Buttered Plantains

this week was Delicious and there was no huge problem! We had tortilla layers that were awesome we had a tomato chili sauce with chicken on top. We also made chips and guacamole. I made my own rice poblano and wild mushroom it was great! can't wait till next week!


This meal tasted very traditional. To make the tomato sauce that went on the tortillas, I cut up 5 tomato's and added garlic, onions and jalapeno pepper to a puree. Then I cooked it for 5 minutes. We put this sauce on the deep fried tortilla pieces. It was good.

Carl and I are learning a lot. We talked about it tonight. We are doing things with a lot more efficiency. We are working with each other very well too.

To make the chips, all we did was cut white corn tortillas into fourths. Then salt them. Then put them into the oven for 30 minutes. You might have to turn them. This is an easy way to get low fat chips that also don't cost too much.

We made Rick Bayless's Guacamole as well. MMMMMMM.

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