Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 32 Neely's Barbecued Beef Ribs Grandmas Potato Salad and Gina's Perfect Rice


Ribs we OK really expected more but we didn't have the exact ribs they called for we had back ribs and the called for beef spare ribs but that OK. The potato salad was good there was alot of relish but I loved the rice....oh it was so simple but had an incredible flavor like no other. The time was the most part...wait noooo the thyme! haha.


Ribs. Wow they were good. We enjoyed the beef spare ribs. We had about 10 pounds of ribs. We put 2 cups of Neely's BBQ seasoning on it overnight. We also then cooked them for about 3 hours on indirect heat. They were tasty. I loved the potato salad. I always like potato salad.

The best was the rice. Here is the recipe. Sorry we didn't get a picture.

Gina's Perfect Rice

Melt 2 TBLSP of butter in a pan with a cut up onion.

Add 1.5 cups of long grain rice.

Add .5 teaspoon of salt and pepper.

Add 2.5 cups of chicken stock.

Add 2 sprigs of fresh thyme and 2 bay leaves.

Add 1 garlic clove smashed.

Cook to boiling and then cover and simmer for 16 minutes.

Add 1 TBLSP of chopped parsley to finish.

I love rice and this recipe was excellent. Give it a try.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 31 The Neely's Memphis Blues Burgers with Mustard Sauce


Cooking at the cottage was an experience. We were clean the pots and pans before we cooked because of the bees that were all over the place (died of course). The burgers were good they had a mustard sauce that was just Dijon mustard and mayo with a pinch of Cayenne peppa (thats how the Neely's say it). Lastly we had nachos with a little green Chile queso and BBQ pico degalo. We had butterscoth Sundays planned but we had them later on in the week.


I really liked the burgers. We put a little chopped onion in the burger as well as a little grilled red onion on top. Carl made a great mustard sauce for the burger. We enjoyed a big plateful of Nachos too. It was just Linda, Carl and I eating the dinner at the cottage. We had some left over nachos and I decided that I wanted them for later. Both Linda and Carl have given me grief for doing this. However, I really liked the leftovers a couple of days later.