Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week 5 Rick Bayless Time

Introducing are chief Rick Bayless is an honor. He's has won numerous awards for his cuisine like top chief masters winner on Bravo TV also Rick has his own TV show (Mexico One Plate at a Time). Amazingly enough I had an oral procedure and the dentist that did it was Rick Bayless dentist! Anyway his food is definitely matches up with his profile EXCELLENT. WE made crispy fried tacos, guacamole, tomato stained rice, and flan. Starting out my favorite was the taco there crispy outsides and fresh delicious insides are the perfect match. All with the tacos the guacamole was outstanding it watched well with the tacos. The rice was OK not great but, the flan and caramel was amazing soft and delicate the smooth custard was definitely worth the effort.


Wow, this was fun to cook MEXICAN today. Carl and I have been looking forward to cooking with Rick Bayless's recipes for a long time. We really admire him as a cook. We watch many of his shows.

We had two guest cooks with us today. Jamie Sladkey and Daniel Rische. Both did a terrific job. We couldn't have done it without them. Jamie made the guacamole and Daniel cut put some tomato and also did a lot of dishes. Thanks Jamie and Dan.

First of all, Carl did a great job of cooking the flan. I really thought he burned the caramel, but it was very good. Needless to say, I'm proud of him.

I was very excited about the rice dish. It was a vegetable rice dish with peas and carrots. The family thought it didn't have enough taste. I think the problem was that I didn't cook it very well.

The Taco's were out of this world. It was very interesting to me to soften the tortillas up before we put the meat mixture into them. Rick Bayless suggests a little oil in the pan and then searing them for just a few second on each side. It was really a nice way to make them not crack. Then we put some oil in the bottom of the pan and fried them for a few minutes. They came out a little like taquitos. Of course we bought the Frontera Grill "Rick Bayless" chips.
Wow was I full after that meal.

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  1. I am not sure who Rick Bayless is but it sounds like he has great recipes. It was good to have some helpers this week. Where is Linda all this time does she "stay out of the kitchen"?