Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 28 Bobby Flay Chipotle Chicken Tenders and Grilled Figs


Tonight's dinner was good. We enjoyed having Taryn over. She is back from school and she "said" she liked everything. Even the figs.

The idea Bobby Flay has is that he wanted to recreate a chicken wing that was a little more healthy for you. The sauce was yogurt based. It helped to tame the heat from the chipotle. The vegetables were simply broccoli and sweet potato grilled. The dessert was grilled figs with a special sauce on it. Carl will tell you more about the specifics on that.

Well since I'm given the "specifics" here we go. It was a recreation of a hot sauce so there was chipotle and vinegar definitely not a spoon licker. The other was a blue cheese yogurt sauce which had Greek yogurt (a thicker better yogurt). I thought the hot sauce was brilliant but the blue cheese was kinda oniony but i always love blue cheese. Also i really thick that chipotle in adobo should really be a staple in peoples houses it is smokey and hot it is a very favorite of mine. When i use it i usually add it to mayo and it makes a spicy zip to my samich or add it to sauces to kick it up a notch or if you puree it it would be good as a hot sauce kinda. Well on again the figs were supposed to be fresh but we could only find dried so we had to settle and they had a bit to much natural sugar to go on the grill and burnt easily which was not great so fresh is always better on the grill. Also the Creme Fraiche (crem-fresh) the easy way to say always gets pronounced (crem-free-achie) by my dad and that is not right. Well it is a cream cheese texture with a mellow sour cream flavor making a terrific base sauce. There was also orange and vanilla which were great. in all was not a total success nothing special.

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