Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 21 Potato Soup, Oven Roasted Veggies, and a Raspberry Dessert

Oven Roasted Veggies

Potato Soup

White Wine........ A lot of white wine in almost every meal in the potato soup with was all that great in the raspberry gratins that look amazing but I messed up the sauce that was supposed to be like a whipped cream but was a soup made from yolks, sugar, and white wine of coarse. the best was the vegetables that were fennel, fingerling potatoes, green beans, asparagus. the best thing on the menu. Next week is our last week of Ina Garten. Cant wait Nikki and Kelly and Dan are all comin!
SALTY. Wow. I put the required amount of salt in the potato soup and it was so salty that I we used it as a dip instead of a soup. Most everyone did not finish their soup. It also turned out the color of pea soup. I was very disappointed. However, I did learn that I should put the required amount of salt in "to taste" meaning, put the salt in until it tastes good. Don't put the whole required amount of salt in at once. Live and Learn.

The veggies were good. I even liked the fennel. I think I could eat veggies all day long.

The raspberry dessert tasted good. It just didn't have the consistency that we would have liked. Carl said he didn't cook it right. But I saw him follow the instructions to a T. Sometimes those things happen.

A special thanks goes out to LINDA who got all the food for us. We just didn't have time to go to the store this week. We are preparing to go on Spring Break.

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