Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 20 Creamy Tomato Soup with Mustard Fish and Cucumber Salad

Mustard Fish
Cucumber Salad

Tomato Soup

Fruit Popsicle


Today was awesome because we had 3 guests. We had Lynne my sister and her daughter Aimee and also we had Daniel my nephew. It was a great night. Daniel brought the dessert again.
I loved the Soup. It was really good. It had a lot of robust flavor. It was made with tomato's and cream. MMMMMMM. Secondly I liked the fish. I thought it didn't have that overpowering fishy taste. I like that. The mustard sauce was tasty. The cucumber salad was a flop. We made a lot of it and it went to waste this week because nobody liked it.
I did feel like we should have had little mini cheese sandwiches. I grew up having cheese sandwiches with my tomato soup.


Well beside the stellar guest we had some goods and some BADS! The mustard fish was good flavorful sauce and as my dad said it didn't have a fishy taste. Also the soup was good and the soup was OK it had a strong flavor but I thought it should have been creamier. Lastly the creamy cucumber salad was not good... Cant wait till next week!!!


  1. Yum. It looks so tasty! I wish I could have been there to share in both the food and the company! And I want the recipe for those ginger sweet potato fries from a few weeks back.

    Love ya. Nikki

  2. See... Nikki wants recipes too :)!!!