Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 16 Chicken Bog and Crunchy Potatoes

Southern Cooking With Paula Deen.


The chicken bog was great and the crunchy potatoes to! The chicken had sausage seasoning and vegetables. SO GOOD! the potatoes were boiled and then rolled in corn flakes with ranch seasoning. Both were great! Can't wait next week is cheesecake! YUMMM!


When I saw Carl put the stick of butter into the Chicken Bog, I knew that we were in for a rich meal. The bog included chicken, sausage, rice, and seasonings. I have had it for lunch as leftovers this week. It is really good. I mix it with some vegetables and it tastes real good.

My favorite thing was the potatoes. We cooked them in boiling water until they were a bit soft. We peeled them, and then rolled them in butter and then cornflakes and powdered ranch dip. Then we put them in the oven for a little more time. Yes, they were crunchy. Very tasty.

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