Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Week 2 Berry Wonderful Week

Our second week was awesome.


We'll start out with dessert a berry wonderful dessert! The dessert was a berry trifle with rasberrys, blueberrys, strawberrys, and lemon whip cream. There also was pound cake but we ommitted pound cake from my dads dessert. All around are table we agreed that the lemon whip cream was wonderful with the berrys. We added lemon curd (a kind of lemon jelly ) to heavy whipping cream and sugar to create a tangy sweet mix.


The salmon was easy. We just salt and peppered it and put it in a hot pan for 6 minutes each side. That came out great.

Next the side dish was an intresting mixture of flavors and ingredients. First, Carl was zesting the lemon and he accidently zested his finger. The zest was mixed with shallots in hot oil. Then we put in the peas and pearl onions. We heated that through and put that on top of some boiled potatos that were slightly mashed. I wanted the fiber in it so I left the skin on. Carl said we should have taken out the skin. We put a bunch of watercress in the mix. I don't exactly know what a bunch is. Carl told me to put the whole package in. OK. I think a bunch should be more descriptive. We also put some mint leaves in it.

All in all it was a great meal. I especially liked the potatos. Linda liked the dessert. Jamie liked the pearl onions. Carl likes just about anything. Talk to you next week.

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