Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 3 Middle East Meal


This week was a very interesting week. A week of fun and wonderful ingredients and also our garbage disposal blew mango peel and water all of are kitchen.

One of are dishes was eggplant that was grilled and garnished with pomegranate and mint. We all didn't love the eggplant but were not an eggplant family eater but we loved the pomegranate. Also we had the chocolate mousse which was very heavy and left my sister lick the inside of the glass (she a chocolate lover times 10).

This was a fun day. We made a baked chicken dish that had a baste of yogurt, lemon zest, curry, and some spices. It was easy. We just basted it a few times with the sauce and it took about 50 minutes in the oven.
We certainly will remember this meal because of the extra clean up with the mango peel everywhere. I also enjoyed Carl trying to Zest his lemon again this week. He didn't cut himself. See the video. I loved the rice, mango, bean, cashew salad that was served with the chicken. It was awesome. I pretty much like anything with rice. This had a unique flavor and was served cold so was an interesting dish.

Here are the videos from the day.


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  2. I want some of that chocolate mousse. It looks great. When are we invited???