Monday, January 18, 2010

week 11: Gyros/Ming Tsi

This week we had lamb gyros with an Asian cucumber sauce YUM! Also we made a salad with an Asian pesto dressing. We all liked the gyro... I think ,but the salad was a little spicy (sources tell.. my mom). Although Jamie (my sister) has become a spicy food lover! great! Can't wait till next week Chris (my cousin) is coming, it'll be fun!
I was not so keen on Lamb. For some reason it did not taste good. I think you have to aquire a taste for it.
I kind of liked the salad. It had a noodle in it. I made rice noodles and Carl made the wheat noodles. It was a little spicy, but good.
We did not have any dessert this day. We had a lot of left overs.

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