Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week 35 Emeril LaGasse Buttermilk Onion Rings and Shrimp Remoulade


We loved the onion rings. Of course! Whenever you deep fry something it usually tastes good. Our next door neighbor said they were the best onion rings she had ever had. That's a compliment. We ended up using a half gallon of oil. I'm feeling it tonight! Carl did a great job of making the onion rings. He is a natural cook.

Also, we had large shrimp with a sauce thas was like a cocktail sauce. I love shrimp. Linda does not like shrimp, but she tried it. She said that was the hardest thing to eat of anything we have done yet. Her face was priceless.

Well it was a good meal I never feel so good when I eat deep fried period but I enjoy it very much! They were good in like ketchup or spicy ranch in my case (my new fav condiment). The shrimp were OK I don't like shrimp but my dad and sister do.... My mom hates them. We also had squash cause the onion rings and shrimp wasn't a solid meal plus the dessert fell threw. It was a chocolate torte but it needed overnight chillen and we didn't have that time.

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